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Kerry Hines


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Kerry Hines began his journey 25 plus years ago in broadcasting and simultaneously embarked on a journey in the hair and beauty industry.  It was a rough road as no one had successfully combined two very different industries.  Hines was undeterred.   He had no idea that his brand new business and all that was involved was not a sure thing.  It was, however, an incredible start to what would become a legendary journey.  

Why it is important to support The HaiRadio Streaming Network. 

Thank You, Fans!  It is so important to support small businesses in your community.  Niche businesses are what drives the economy forward.  When you spend a few extra dollars with a community business your 'investment' pays huge dividends.  Those dividends are paid out in ways that you may not even be aware.  Let's remember to call up a small business and find out if they offer the products and services that you're looking for or visit them on the Internet.   Do whatever it takes to bring success to that business and you'll reap big rewards.  You'll see.  Thank you for your support of my company.  We're really in this together.  That's what community is all about.  

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