You're LIVE on "The Hair Radio Morning Show's 'Mystery Shopper'"

This amazing new radio 'show within a show' concept was created for radio by Kerry Hines. It's a thr

owback to the old fun 'gotcha' tv and radio shows of the past. I think I'm too recognizable to go in undercover at a hair salon or barbershop, so we're sending in some folks that you've never heard or seen. They will tell all ..right on our LIVE airwaves. It's great and exciting hair talk: the good, the bad and the fun. TUNE IN.. It's all really about Customer Service and setting the right expectation and this show will be entertaining fun. Stay Tuned.

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Thank you for the visit and we'll have to do this again soon.  I hope you tune in to our daily broadcast of "The Hair Radio Morning Show". 

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