Why You Should Be Listening to "The Hair Radio Morning Show"

One of the biggest reasons that you should not just be listening to "The Hair Radio Morning Show' each weekday, but actively being part of the LIVE broadcast. "The Hair Radio Morning Show" is celebrating over 25 years on radio. The show airs from 6am to 9am Eastern, LIVE on BlogTalkRadio.com/HaiRadio and is heard around the USA and different corners of the globe. Callers tune in by either dialing in on their cellphones/homephones directly to LIVE radio broadcast at 516-453-9458 and by pressing '1' if they have a comment or shoutout. Online listeners are treated to a picture clip show at BlogTalkRadio.com/HaiRadio

The "Hair Radio Morning Show" continues to tackle tough topics in addition to enlightening the world about the latest hair care tip. "We are concerned about what's growing in and out of their heads on our show" says Kerry Hines, program host and creator. The broadcast has featured amazing guests over the years including Beyonce's dad, Matthew Knowles, the Queen of Twitter and legendary singer, Miss Dionne Warwick, Melba Moore, Alyson Williams, Tony Terry, Cece Peniston, and great newsmakers like civil rights attorney, Ben Crump, television attorney, Lisa Bloom and the biggest hair and beauty story in the world, 'Gorilla Glue Doctor Obeng'. He was a featured guest on our show. The program shines a light through the amazing lens of those in our community.

Here's an exciting new 'show within a show' broadcast that plays on "The Hair Radio Morning Show". It features New Jersey based 'Hairpreneur', Lynda C. who has recently launched her business that's all about hair extensions. She and program, host Kerry Hines look at every aspect of successfully launching a business in this 'new normal'. You're gonna learn from the very best in the business. This limited 'Hair Radio Morning Show' series is based on Kerry Hines' book, "How to Get Rich in the Hair Business". It's available at Amazon.com. Stay tuned.

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