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“As a Podiatrist and Entrepreneur, '' and 'The Hair Radio Morning Show' are a perfect advertising match!"



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“"Being a long-timer in the hair industry, 'The Hair Radio Morning Show' connects all the dots! 

— Smooth Black AKA Troy Ballard

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ADVERTISE Your Business, Products, Promotions ..On Our "Hair Radio Morning Show", 24-Hour 'HaiRadio Broadcast Network 

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FREE - We Create Your Radio Ad 

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Remains embedded in archived radio shows.


Plan Descriptions/Features

Radio Ad/Commercial:  

The $69 One-Month Plan - Radio Commercial Advertisement is up to 15 seconds and will air approximately 20 to 30+ times over a thirty-day ad period. 

The $99 3-Months Plan - Radio Commercial Advertisement is up to 30 seconds and will will air approximately 150 to 180+ times over a ninety-day ad period.

The $199  2-Months Plan - Radio Commercial Advertisement is up to 60 seconds and will air approximately 180 to 200+ times over 60-day ad period. 

On-Air Panelist: 

You get to appear on the radio show as part of an on-air group to discuss topic of the day, etc.  

$69 Plan Feature - Appears 1 time during the 30-day period.

$99 Plan Feature - Appears 6 times during the 90-day period.

$199  Plan Feature - Appears up to 8 per advertising period. 

Guest Co-Host:

You'll be featured 'on-air' along side the host of the daily radio show for an hour of the 'live' broadcast

$99 Plan Feature - You'll be 'Guest Co-Host' 3 times during your ad period. 

$199 Plan Feature - You'll be 'Guest Co-Host' 4-6 times during your ad period.


Host Own Radio Program:

It's a thirty-minute 'show within a show'.  Your broadcast that we will help you to produce and coordinate will allow you to shine brightly and stand heads and shoulders above the rest.  You'll be able to conduct interviews if you like, work on special audio content, etc.  Also, we have a revenue share component for those who are interested for just $50 more dollars/month. 

Social Media/Email Blasts:  

As an advertiser of "The Hair Radio Morning Show" we promote you with posts across our social media to our thousands of followers and contacts and via email sent outs.  We've started an amazing newsletter that is delivered via email with the latest that's happening in the industry.