about show

"The Hair Radio Morning Show" is a LIVE broadcast that airs online Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  We broadcast for 3 big hours, each show.  We know you've got a lot to say and so do we.  We're celebrating 25 years on the air and 6 as "The Hair Radio Morning Show" edition.  It's all about hair, beauty and community! We have the best guests on radio and a great team that keeps us entertained and infotained.  Don't forget to advertise with us and be a featured guest.  You've haven't made it in the hair biz until you've made it to HaiRadio! 

Meet the face
behind the Hair Radio empire

Kerry Hines is a true star in the hair and beauty industry.  He single-handedly created a broadcast genre to promote the hair and beauty industry.  "The Hair Radio Show" was born.  He syndicated the show to markets in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Atlanta via terrestrial AM/FM radio.  He garnered write ups in local newspapers and launched the world's first 24-hour hair and beauty Internet channel.    

"The Hair Radio Morning Show" has been carrying on the tradition of industry advocacy.  The goal is to strke the balance between education, information and entertainment.  Also, it's important to pay tribute to our culture and look at current events through our own lense.

hair nation expo 512.jpg
Kerry Hines at the HaiRadio HDQ Studio in New York City
Kerry Leading class.jpg
MasterClass Kerry Hines.jpg
Kerry Hines at Brooklyn's Think Tank